MEF based 'Client Experience Management Framework'

Daily application development is concentrating around data more and more. Data needs to be Created, Readed, Updated and 'Deleted' (CRUD)
Currenty I dear to state that there is a rule of 80-20. Meaning that 80% of the application contains CRUD operation and the other 20% are process operations.
There are many application generators that can take a lot of your hands in creating CRUD screens, but then when you need to change a screen and need to add some process into it you are loosing your time you just had won.

What is in the framework
Currently all is in a state of proof of concept. But eventually the framework is an extendible and customizable environment for creating solid client applications.
More on how, what and where will follow in the near future.

Used technologies
Visual WebGui is used as the base for presentation.
This framework relies a lot on the MEF framework (the Managed Extension Framework )
More about Managed Extensibility Framework can be found here:

Please see introductory Screencast Here. More to come...
In this screencast all errors are shown so that no false expectations are created.

A second screencast is available called Screen designer
Still in poc but gives an insight in the ease of development I am after.

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rdhatch May 16, 2009 at 10:32 AM 
Well done, Michael! I love how the relationships are visible in the checkbox tree-view. Keep up the good work!