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Project Description
Visual WebGui Community Frameworks will host all Community-developed Libraries & Frameworks based on VisualWebGUI - the best Rich Internet Application Platform for Microsoft .NET.

Purpose & Opportunity
I present to you - the Visual WebGui Community Frameworks Project. These are extensions to the Visual WebGui Platform.

The Visual WebGui Community is growing enormously! With this blessing - comes New Opportunities & New Challenges. As the Community expands - new technologies, controls, and frameworks are constantly being developed to solve common problems. However, Community members have no method for sharing their common code & best practices. This VWG Community Frameworks Project serves as a common meeting place for the Visual WebGui Community to openly share best practices, common solutions, libraries, bug workarounds, and frameworks to help accelerate Rich Internet Application development.

What is to be Shared?


Calling all Visual WebGui Developers - Help your fellow VisualWebGui Community members! Please contact me to get your code library / controls / best practices / framework added as a community project here!


-Ryan D. Hatch, VWG MVP


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